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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

About Rediffmail it is a free to use email service let see the pros and cons of rediffmail.


  • Rediffmail offers you a storage space of 1 GB. It gives you the facility to send 20 attachments at a time with the total mail size upto 10 MB.
  • You can send SMS right from Rediffmail straight to any mobile phone in India or USA.


  • Site is under maintenance half of the time which annoys rediff users when they have important mails to read or send
  • Site takes ages to load even on classic version.
  • Mails stored in my folders refuse to open or takes ages to load.
  • You have to upgrade to rediffmail pro to experience self proclaimed better features of rediff.

These are just a few points on rediffmail there are many more which i haven't discussed, rediff mail users where so annoyed, they started to raise complaints against them on Consumer forums, which shows the quality of service they are providing. i would never recommend anyone to use rediff unless rediff fixes all its issues and provides a quality email service like Gmail or Yahoo.

For more info on rediff mail visit: http://theindustrymeasure.com/2010/07/15/rediffmail-login/